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2018 Bordeaux Futures

"2018 is an exceptional year for Bordeaux wines. Most people agree that it is a great year and can be compared in quality to recent excellent years such as 2016 and 2015. I think it could turn out to be an all-time great, similar to 2010, 2009 and 1989 or even such classics as 1982 or 1959. The fact is that 2018 made excellent quality wines across the board from the simplest Bordeaux to the great names. This is a sign of an exceptional year." - James Suckling

Some Notes on ordering Bordeaux Futures with GVWM:

5% discount on 1 case (9L) or more of the same wine (can be combined in multiple formats of same wine to total 9L)

2% discount for orders placed with a wire or personal check.*
(*Minimum order of $1000 for domestic wire, or $5000 for international wire. No minimum for personal check. Maximum discount of 5% for any 1 wine if minimum of 1 case/9L is ordered.)
Interested in a particular 2018 Bordeaux not on our website?
Please click here to send us your order via our contact page, or call 360.350.4896 and we will be glad to assist you.
Bottling charges: most chateaux will be able to bottle your order in the below formats. Click on sizes in blue below to see our current list of 2017s in that size, up to 6 Liter. Please enquire if you are looking for a wine in a format not listed on our site. 
375ML - 12 x 750ml price + $30.00 per case (min. order of 24 x 375ml)  | 1.5L - 12 x 750ml price + $20 per case (min. order of 6 x 1.5L)
3.0L - 4 x 750ml price + $55 each | 5.0L - 7 x 750ml price + $75 each   | 6.0L - 8 x 750ml price + $95 each
9.0L - 12 x 750ml price + $150 each | 12.0L - 16 x 750ml price + $175 each | 15.0L - 20 x 750ml price + $225 each
18.0L - 24 x 750ml price + $275 each
Click here for a list of 750ml only