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About Us

Supporting your pursuit of the world’s finest wines.

We are dedicated to absolute client satisfaction, and we deliver this through competency, endeavor, and loyalty. Our passion and commitment regarding our wines’ provenance is unequaled (many of our wines are “Ex-Château” and “Ex-Cellar”), and through competitive pricing we excel in guiding your selections - no matter how obscure - from our worldwide suppliers to your table.

Ultimately, we know that it is the relationship with the client that matters most, and our friendly and knowledgeable staff strive to make purchasing wine an enjoyable and educational experience for anyone who crosses our threshold - real or virtual. We invite you to personally experience this unique, client-focused approach to wine and we look forward to building our relationship with you today.


 - The Grand Vin Wine Merchants Team


Established in 2011, Grand Vin Wine Merchants is a team of wine professionals and hospitality specialists whose collective experience is several decades old and spans the breadth of professions in the world of fine wine.  Their valuable experience is the foundation upon which GVWM built its international relationships for sourcing and shipping the world’s finest wines. As our name indicates, we have a special relationship with the wines from France’s Bordeaux region, but our passion lies in sourcing “Grand Vin” from the best producers all over the world.  We approach wine as consumers first and businesspeople second which means we source and sell the wines we do out of a personal love of the wine as well as the exceptional experience to be had when sharing a favored bottle with friends and family.  

Members of the GVWM team travel to Bordeaux every year in April to assess the latest vintage en primeur from barrel. Here is a video of our trip in 2013 tasting the 2012 vintage: