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Please see a list of some of our most frequently asked questions. If you do not see an answer to your question please contact us for further assistance.

For questions related to Shipping your order, please visit our Shipping information page.

What do the Order Statuses in My Account mean?

  • Pending, Awaiting Customer Response or Awaiting Fulfillment – This means that someone from our customer service department has reviewed your order and will be contacting you if your wines are in stock to finalize shipping. If your wines are pre-arrival or futures this status will be updated to Pre-Arrival/Future* until your wines are in stock, at which time someone from our shipping department will contact you to finalize the shipping details, and update the status of your order. *(NOTE: this is a new status so orders on or before 6/30/17 that are pre-arrival/futures may remain "awaiting fulfillment" until your wines are in stock.) 
  • Verification Required – Generally this means a portion of your billing address was slightly mismatched (i.e. Suite Twelve vs Suite #12). Our customer service team will review these and generally update the status to Pending.
  • Awaiting Payment – This generally only applies to people that have paid with a check or wire transfer; once either is received the status will be updated accordingly.
  • Awaiting Shipment – Your order has been processed and is awaiting pickup by the courier service you selected.
  • Awaiting Pick Up – This means you have selected the in store pick up option and/or are part of our monthly wine club. Your wines are ready to pick up during our shop hours Tue-Sat 11am-7pm, or Monday by appointment.
  • Shipped – Once your order has shipped and a tracking number generated this is the final status of your order. NOTE: sometimes you will have already received your shipment before this status is updated due to the large amount of orders that we process. Also note that when your package is picked up by UPS you will get an email from them with the tracking information. 
  • Partially Shipped – This usually means you had both in stock wines and pre-arrivals/futures in a single order. If you choose to have your in stock wines shipped ahead of the others this will remain the status until your pre-arrivals come in, at which time we will contact you to finalize the order.
  • Pre-arrival/Future - This means your order is awaiting wines to come into stock. Once in stock you will be contacted to arrange shipping and your order status will be updated accordingly. If your initial order contained both pre-arrival wines and in stock wines you should have been contacted to inquire about shipping in stock wines. If you chose to ship in stock wines your order will indicate this, but the status will still remain pre-arrival until the rest of your order is shipped.
  • Weather Hold - This means our shipping team has been in contact with you about your order and agreed to hold your wine until better weather is available for shipping.

What are Estimated Shipping Times, and When Will I Receive my Wine?

  • Future – This generally only applies to Bordeaux En-Primeur wines that are a minimum of 1-2years away. Check out our dedicated En-Primeur page for more details.
  • Pre-Arrival – We have secured our allocation from our vendor that is waiting to have it shipped to our location, generally this is a 3-6month turnaround until we are able to ship your wines.
  • 90 Days – This applies when our vendor has verified the wine is on the water from Europe. Often times this ETA is conservative and the wines show up much earlier, however due to the nature of customs clearance, ports, etc, this is the guideline we follow.
  • 60 Days - This applies when our vendor has verified the wine has landed in the US but has not yet cleared customs. Often times this ETA is conservative and the wines show up much earlier, however due to the nature of customs clearance, ports, etc, this is the guideline we follow.
  • 15-30 Days – This means the wine is in customs or occasionally if a domestic wine we order is coming across states, again usually they arrive sooner but this is the guideline we follow.
  • 7-10 Days - Wines on order from vendors that we expect delivered in 10 days or less. 
  • 3-7 Days – Wines on order from vendors that we expect delivered in a week or less.
  • In Stock – Wines are here and ready to ship.

What types of payment does GVWM accept?

  • Credit Card
  • Apple Pay
  • PayPal
  • Wire Transfer (contact us for details)
  • Personal Check (contact us for details)

Are shipping charges included in the price of the wine?

  • Shipping charges are not included in wine prices. To estimate shipping costs, add an In-Stock product to your cart by browsing the menu options to the left or with the search box above, then click its "Add to Cart" button. From there click on "View or Edit Your Cart" and then "Estimate Shipping & Tax" and shipping services will be displayed. NOTE: if no shipping options are displayed, please contact us for a quote. 

Below are several of the exciting and convenient new features that we rolled out with the new website in November 2016:

  • My account section:

- Login with your existing username and password*
- View order history (only applies to orders on new site)
- Easily reorder wines
- Send us a message about your open orders
- Update contact details and multiple addresses for shipping and billing
- Browse a list of wines recently viewed on the site

  • Enhanced view for mobile browsing and shopping:

- No more looking at a tiny version of our website!
- All the features of the desktop site mentioned above

  • Streamlined checkout process:

- Quickly select a shipping and billing address from your account
- Options for “Store pickup” & “Arrange shipping later” still available
- Paypal & Apple Pay

  • Comprehensive selection of wines you’ve come to expect:

- Improved searching and filtering features

  • Gift certificates:

- Quickly send a friend, family member or coworker a digital gift certificate
- Customize your message and theme

We’d like to thank you for your business over the years. As always, our sales and customer service staff is at your disposal for any product or order enquiries you may have.

Santé! - The Grand Vin Wine Merchants Team

*For the majority of customers we were able to import login and contact details. If you are unable to login, you can either choose to reset your password or create a new account.