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Upcoming Events - Postponed until further notice

We hope to be able to offer tasting events again at some point in the future - check back here for updates, and if you would like to receive e-mails regarding local events and offers, please click here.

Past Events

February 7th 5-7pm: First Friday! Details here.

February 14th 5-7pm: Valentine's Day Tasting! Details here.

November 8th 5-7pm: Special Sherry Tasting. Details here.

October 25th 5-7pm: Covenant Creatures Benefit Tasting. Details here.

October 4th 5-7pm: Special Arts Walk First Friday Tasting with artist Ash Cox. Details here

September 27th 5-7pm: Roederer Champagne Tasting. Details here.

September 20th 5-7pm: Ch. Carignan Tasting w/ owner Andy Lench. Details here.

July 12th 5-7pm: Rose Tasting. Details here

June 21st 5-7pm: Special German Riesling Tasting

May 31st 5-7pm: Champagne Tasting with Winemaker Jean Josselin. Details Here.

May 3rd 5-7pm: First Friday! Details here.

April 26th 5-7pm: Olympia Spring Arts Walk 2019 featuring Drawings by David Wall! Details here.

April 12th 5-7pm: Special Tasting of Grower Champagnes! Details here.

April 5th 5-7pm: First Friday! Details here.

March 29th 5-7pm: Victor Palencia of Washington's Palencia & Monarcha Wineries. Details here.

March 15th 5-7pm: High-End Washington Wines. Details here.

March 1st 5-7pm: First Friday! Washington Wine Month. Details here.

February 1st 5-7pm: First Friday! Details here.

January 18th 5-7pm: Special Burgundy Tasting! Details here.

January 4th 5-7pm: First Friday! Details here.

November 9th 5-7pm: Annual Champagne Tasting! Get tickets here.

October 19th 5-7pm: Special Rhone Tasting: Spotlight on St. CosmeDetails here.

October 5th 5-7pm: First Friday + Arts Walk: Staff Photos & Vinyl Selections by DJ Domenica! Details here.

September 14th, 5-7pm: Bordeaux Tasting. Details here.

September 7th 5-7pm: First Friday! Details here.

August 17th 5-7pm: Rosé Tasting! Details here.

August 3rd 5-7pm: First Friday. Details here.

July 20th 5-7pm: Special Alsace tasting: Schlumberger. Details here.

July 6th 5-7pm: First Friday. Details here.

May 5, 19 & June 9, 23, 4-5pm: Wine + Food + Olive Oil w/ Lenny of Waterstreet! Details here.

May 18th 5-7pm: Special Burgundy Tasting: Joseph Drouhin. Details here.

April 26th 5-7pm: Drop-In Cider Tasting with Corey from Cru Selections. Details here.

April 27th 5-7pm: Olympia Arts Walk & Tasting. Details here.

April 11th 4:30-6pm: Special Tasting with Ramos Pinto, "the jewel of the Douro." Details here.

April 6th 5-7pm: First Friday Tasting. Details here.

March 23rd 5-7pm: Brick House Tasting w/ Cory from Cru Selections. Details here.

March 9th 5-7pm: Discoveries from Umbria - Special Tasting! Details here.

March 2nd 5-7 pm: First Friday Tasting! Details here.

March 3rd 5-6pm: Meet Chehalis Valley Farm! Details here.

February 16th 5-7pm: Spotlight on Chardonnay and Pinot Noir w/ Ben Clark from Vehrs. Details here.

January 13, 20, 27 & February 3, 4-5pm: Wine + Food + Olive Oil w/ Lenny of Waterstreet! Details here.

February 2nd 5-7pm: First Friday Tasting! Details here.

January 19th 5-7pm: Special Tasting - Eric Solomon Selections. Details here.

January 5th 5-7pm: First Friday Tasting! Details here.

December 29th 5-7pm: Get Your S*!t Together for New Year's Eve! Details here.

December 1st 5-7pm: First Friday! Details here.

November 17th 5-7pm: Annual Champagne Tasting! Details & Tickets.

November 10th 5-7pm: Olympia Community School Fundraiser. Details here.

November 3rd 5-7pm: First Friday! Details here.

October 19th 5-7pm: WA vs. OR Tasting with Fullerton and Airfield! Details here.

October 6th 5-7pm + October 7th: First Friday + Arts Walk w/ Music from Glory Salinas & Jordan Nylander! - details here.

September 15th 5-7pm: Special Tasting with Long Shadows - details here.

September 8th 5-7pm: Special Louis Roederer Tasting -  details here.

August 4th 5-7pm: First Friday details here.

July 21st 5-7pm: Mid Month Tasting with Spire here.

July 20th 5-7pm: Travel through Portugal details here.

July 7th 5-7pm: First Friday Tasting details here.

June 23rd 5-7pm: Special Tasting + Seth Hoffman & His Guitar! Details here.

June 9th 5-7pm: Mid-Month Tasting with VITO and VIGNALTA! More details here.

June 2nd 5-7pm: First Friday Tasting! More details here.

May 5th 5-7pm: First Friday Tasting! More details here.

April 28th 5-7pm: Special Artswalk Tasting! More details here.

April 29th 4-7pm: Special Fundraiser Tasting with Sons of Italy! More details here.

March 10th 5-7pm: Special Tasting - Montaribaldi Winery from Piedmont, Italy! See the Full Lineup >

March 3rd 5-7pm: First Friday Tasting - Washington Wine Month! See Full Lineup > 

February 24th 5-7pm: February Mid-Month Tasting - Featuring Hahn Family Wines. See Full Lineup >

February 25th 5-7pm: Winter & Wine Benefit Tasting for Covenant Creatures Veterinary Care. Click here for tickets + more details!

February 23rd 7pm: 1982 Bordeaux Dinner at The Hobbit in Orange, CA with Andy Lench of BWL. Click here for details.

February 16th 5-7pm: Pop In Tasting - Ashley from Barrique with Domaine des Amphores! Click here for details.

February 3rd 5-7pm: First Friday Tasting. See Full Lineup.