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Grand Vin Wine Merchants holds tastings every first Friday of the month in our shop in downtown Olympia, located at 1003 4th Avenue East, while we also have wines open every Friday and Saturday for you to sample. We often feature various suppliers and producers throughout the year at our mid-month tastings. Details are posted below as well as on our Facebook Page
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Upcoming Events

POSTPONED Until further notice - First Friday Tastings every month, 5-7pm

POSTPONED - March 6th 5-7pm: First Friday - Washington Wine Month! Details here.

POSTPONED - March 27th 5-7pm: Wines of Substance - Washington Wine Month!

POSTPONED - April 24th 5-7pm: Olympia Spring Arts Walk Featuring Art by Carl Smool.

Past Events

February 7th 5-7pm: First Friday! Details here.

February 14th 5-7pm: Valentine's Day Tasting! Details here.

November 8th 5-7pm: Special Sherry Tasting. Details here.

October 25th 5-7pm: Covenant Creatures Benefit Tasting. Details here.

October 4th 5-7pm: Special Arts Walk First Friday Tasting with artist Ash Cox. Details here

September 27th 5-7pm: Roederer Champagne Tasting. Details here.

September 20th 5-7pm: Ch. Carignan Tasting w/ owner Andy Lench. Details here.

July 12th 5-7pm: Rose Tasting. Details here

June 21st 5-7pm: Special German Riesling Tasting

May 31st 5-7pm: Champagne Tasting with Winemaker Jean Josselin. Details Here.

May 3rd 5-7pm: First Friday! Details here.

April 26th 5-7pm: Olympia Spring Arts Walk 2019 featuring Drawings by David Wall! Details here.

April 12th 5-7pm: Special Tasting of Grower Champagnes! Details here.

April 5th 5-7pm: First Friday! Details here.

March 29th 5-7pm: Victor Palencia of Washington's Palencia & Monarcha Wineries. Details here.

March 15th 5-7pm: High-End Washington Wines. Details here.

March 1st 5-7pm: First Friday! Washington Wine Month. Details here.

February 1st 5-7pm: First Friday! Details here.

January 18th 5-7pm: Special Burgundy Tasting! Details here.

January 4th 5-7pm: First Friday! Details here.

November 9th 5-7pm: Annual Champagne Tasting! Get tickets here.

October 19th 5-7pm: Special Rhone Tasting: Spotlight on St. CosmeDetails here.

October 5th 5-7pm: First Friday + Arts Walk: Staff Photos & Vinyl Selections by DJ Domenica! Details here.

September 14th, 5-7pm: Bordeaux Tasting. Details here.

September 7th 5-7pm: First Friday! Details here.

August 17th 5-7pm: Rosé Tasting! Details here.

August 3rd 5-7pm: First Friday. Details here.

July 20th 5-7pm: Special Alsace tasting: Schlumberger. Details here.

July 6th 5-7pm: First Friday. Details here.

May 5, 19 & June 9, 23, 4-5pm: Wine + Food + Olive Oil w/ Lenny of Waterstreet! Details here.

May 18th 5-7pm: Special Burgundy Tasting: Joseph Drouhin. Details here.

April 26th 5-7pm: Drop-In Cider Tasting with Corey from Cru Selections. Details here.

April 27th 5-7pm: Olympia Arts Walk & Tasting. Details here.

April 11th 4:30-6pm: Special Tasting with Ramos Pinto, "the jewel of the Douro." Details here.

April 6th 5-7pm: First Friday Tasting. Details here.

March 23rd 5-7pm: Brick House Tasting w/ Cory from Cru Selections. Details here.

March 9th 5-7pm: Discoveries from Umbria - Special Tasting! Details here.

March 2nd 5-7 pm: First Friday Tasting! Details here.

March 3rd 5-6pm: Meet Chehalis Valley Farm! Details here.

February 16th 5-7pm: Spotlight on Chardonnay and Pinot Noir w/ Ben Clark from Vehrs. Details here.

January 13, 20, 27 & February 3, 4-5pm: Wine + Food + Olive Oil w/ Lenny of Waterstreet! Details here.

February 2nd 5-7pm: First Friday Tasting! Details here.

January 19th 5-7pm: Special Tasting - Eric Solomon Selections. Details here.

January 5th 5-7pm: First Friday Tasting! Details here.

December 29th 5-7pm: Get Your S*!t Together for New Year's Eve! Details here.

December 1st 5-7pm: First Friday! Details here.

November 17th 5-7pm: Annual Champagne Tasting! Details & Tickets.

November 10th 5-7pm: Olympia Community School Fundraiser. Details here.

November 3rd 5-7pm: First Friday! Details here.

October 19th 5-7pm: WA vs. OR Tasting with Fullerton and Airfield! Details here.

October 6th 5-7pm + October 7th: First Friday + Arts Walk w/ Music from Glory Salinas & Jordan Nylander! - details here.

September 15th 5-7pm: Special Tasting with Long Shadows - details here.

September 8th 5-7pm: Special Louis Roederer Tasting -  details here.

August 4th 5-7pm: First Friday details here.

July 21st 5-7pm: Mid Month Tasting with Spire here.

July 20th 5-7pm: Travel through Portugal details here.

July 7th 5-7pm: First Friday Tasting details here.

June 23rd 5-7pm: Special Tasting + Seth Hoffman & His Guitar! Details here.

June 9th 5-7pm: Mid-Month Tasting with VITO and VIGNALTA! More details here.

June 2nd 5-7pm: First Friday Tasting! More details here.

May 5th 5-7pm: First Friday Tasting! More details here.

April 28th 5-7pm: Special Artswalk Tasting! More details here.

April 29th 4-7pm: Special Fundraiser Tasting with Sons of Italy! More details here.

March 10th 5-7pm: Special Tasting - Montaribaldi Winery from Piedmont, Italy! See the Full Lineup >

March 3rd 5-7pm: First Friday Tasting - Washington Wine Month! See Full Lineup > 

February 24th 5-7pm: February Mid-Month Tasting - Featuring Hahn Family Wines. See Full Lineup >

February 25th 5-7pm: Winter & Wine Benefit Tasting for Covenant Creatures Veterinary Care. Click here for tickets + more details!

February 23rd 7pm: 1982 Bordeaux Dinner at The Hobbit in Orange, CA with Andy Lench of BWL. Click here for details.

February 16th 5-7pm: Pop In Tasting - Ashley from Barrique with Domaine des Amphores! Click here for details.

February 3rd 5-7pm: First Friday Tasting. See Full Lineup.